Zenos Logo

Zenos Logo

Meaning and History

The company was founded in Norfolk in 2012 by two friends Ansar Ali and Mark Edwards. The company produces sports cars that are hand-assembled at the company’s factory in Wymondham, UK. It is said, that the name Zenos is a combination of two Latin words “zen”, which means purity, and “os”, which could be translated as ‘vertebra’ or spine. Founders chose them to reflect one of the key architectural elements of the company’s products.

2012 – today

Zenos Logo

The original logo was accepted in 2012 and is still valid. It represents a capital character ”Z” framed with a round oval. The letter consists of two halves (upper and lower) that are not connected to each other and seem to hang in the air. Both the frame and the inscription have a beautiful silver shade

Emblem and Symbol

Zenos Emblem

In general, the emblem of the company looks very modern and stylish. Sophisticated forms, sloppy lines, and such incompleteness remind of great speed, which is the main quality of the brand.