Vignale Logo


Vignale Logo

Meaning and History

Vignale Logo history

The Italian company Carrozzeria Alfredo Vignale was founded in 1948 in Via Chigliano, Turin by Alfredo Vignale. However, shortly after his death in 1973, the company was sold to Fiat and ceased to exist. It was only a few years ago in 2016 that Fiat decided to return the production of the famous Vignale.

1948 – 1973

Vignale Logo 1948

The brand logo represents the rich painting. In the center of the rectangular frame is an image of a golden tower, which is located between the two sides of a large capital letter “V”. At the top of the golden frame is a golden crown, the symbol of the luxury of the company.

2016 – today

Vignale Logo

After the brand was revived in 2016, the company has an updated logo. The brand decided to abandon the usual badge on the hood of the car and left only a wordmark on the trunk. The first letter “V” has small dashes on top, one of which extends over the entire name. The letters themselves have a shiny silver shade. In order to show that the company belongs to the Ford carmaker, the Ford logo is usually placed above the logo.

Emblem and Symbol

Although the design of the emblems appears to be very different, both the original and the current emblems of the brand highlight its luxury and high standards.