Spyker Logo

Spyker Logo

The Spyker Company was formed to manufacture carriages and other animal-drawn vehicles in 1880. But the history of the Spyker brand as a car manufacturer began in 1898. Jacob and Hendrik-Jan Spiker, the founders of the company, unexpectedly gained a lot of popularity by creating their first car, which had a high quality due to hand assembly.

Meaning and History

Spyker Logo history

The company’s logo is a car wheel with a screw in the center. It represents the fact that during the First World War, the brand Spyker, has teamed up with Dutch Aircraft Factory N.V., in the production of aviation technology.

Spyker Logo-1880

Emblem and Symbol

Spyker Logo

As for the meaning of the logo, it symbolizes the collaboration between Spyker and Dutch Aircraft Factory N.V. But the inscription “Nulla tenaci invia est via” on the lower part of the wheel in the logo means “The road is made by walking” in Latin. It is used by the company to this day.