Rimac Logo

Rimac Logo

In 2009, the Rimac automobile brand was founded in Croatia, specializing in the production of electric vehicles. In 2010, the Rimac Concept One was created, a small sports car equipped with a revolutionary electric motor that develops the equivalent of 1,008 horsepower.

Meaning and History

The company logo consists of a shield made of a gray rim, inside of which is a pattern consisting of small rectangles of different shades of gray. In the middle of the shield there is a stylized letter “R”. Under the logo is the name of the company in gray color.

Rimac Logo

Emblem and Symbol

Rimac Emblem

The company logo uses only shades of gray. The letter on the shield of the emblem has sharp bevels and sharp corners, which testifies to the company’s compromise, rigor and stability.

Rimac C Two