Ram Logo

Ram Logo

RAM Trucks was established in 1981 and is a subsidiary of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, a spin-off from Dodge. The production of full-size pickups (which are ranked by capacity index) and cargo-passenger vans has been launched under the RAM brand.

Meaning and History

Ram Logo history

The first company logo was created in 1993. Up to this point, the company existed under the Dodge Trucks logo.

1914 – 1969

Ram Logo 1914

1969 – 1993

Ram Logo 1969

1993 – 2009

Ram Logo-1993

The logo had a shield-like shape in white color with a red rim, inside which was the head of a bighorn sheep, also in red. Beneath the emblem was the company’s name in bold type with large red capital letters.

2009 – present

Ram Logo

In 2009, the logo was modernized and now has a three-dimensional shape. The bighorn sheep’s head was also depicted inside a shield-like shape, but now it was black with a silver rim. The head of the animal was also silver. The name of the company was identical to the previous logo, but in black color, and was located under the emblem.

Emblem and Symbol

Animal heads are very often used as car emblems. In this case, we have the head of a bighorn sheep, which symbolizes power and strength, which full-size pickups should be associated with.