Morgan Logo

Morgan Logo

Morgan Motor Company was founded in 1910 in Malvern Link. Over the next 25 years, it built three-wheeled vehicles with one rear drive wheel.

Meaning and History

Morgan Logo history

Studying the company logo, it is hard not to mention that the very first brand logo was used by the company for almost a century (from 1909 to 2008).

1909 – 2008

Morgan Logo-1909

The company logo consisted of a circle, inside which there was a vertical rectangle, perpendicular to which was another rectangle with the name of the company in white. Wings were depicted on both sides of the circle. The logo was done in white and blue colors.

2008 – present

Morgan Logo


In 2008, the winged logo became more modern and is now three-dimensional. Under the logo is the inscription “Morgan Motor Company”. The main colors are silver and blue.

Emblem and Symbol

Morgan Emblem

The emblem is depicted in gray and different shades of blue color, which symbolizes the freedom, purity and excellence of the company.