Lada Logo

Lada Logo

Lada is a Russian brand of passenger cars produced by VAZ (Volzhsky Avtomobilnyj Zawod). It was established in 1966 under an agreement between the USSR government and the Fiat concern.

Meaning and history

Lada Logo history

The history of the Lada logo began on April 19, 1970. The creator of the first logo was Alexander Dekalenkov, an employee of the Moscow directorate of VAZ, who made a sketch of the Cyrillic letter “V” (B), stylized as an Old Russian boat. The word “Tolyatti” was written under the image. Soon the text was removed, leaving only the graphic component of the emblem. The choice of such an idea can be associated with antiquity and the location of the city where the plant is located, with traffic, water and land roads.

Lada Logo-1966

Lada Logo-1970

Lada Logo-1974

Lada Logo-1985

Lada Logo-1993

Lada Logo-2002

Emblem and symbol

Lada Emblem

The emblem of the car manufacturer Lada depicts a boat – an ancient sea and river vessel, depicted in the shape of the letter B. Over time, the boat has changed and the original letter “B” was less and less visible.

The Legends

The Lada 110

It is a middle-class low-class passenger car debuted in 1995 as the successor of the famous Samara.

The Lada 2101 (1200)

It is a legendary model for Russian, or actually Soviet, history of motorization. It was the first model from the “big” 2100 family, whose number of units produced over almost 50 years was surpassed only by the famous Volkswagen Beetle.