Jeep Logo

Jeep Logo

Despite the fact that at the beginning the Jeep brand produced vehicles for the American military, today it is the most famous manufacturer of off-road vehicles in the world and the word “Jeep” is often synonymous with an off-road vehicle. Currently, the Jeep brand is part of the Italian-American concern Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

Meaning and history

Thanks to the participation of machines of this brand in the First and Second World Wars, the company’s products have become associated with strength and reliability.

Jeep Logo

Interestingly, the full logo is rarely used. The cars of the company are marked only with the word “Jeep”. This indicates the popularity and recognition of the brand. But we must admit that the brand is known more for its name than its logo.

Emblem and symbol

Jeep Emblem

The logo is represented by a car grille with two circles (headlights). We can tell right away that this logo is different. There are no ovals, animal silhouettes, shields, etc.

The logo color changed several times since 1940. It was originally in red and gold color, but when Jeep was acquired by AMC, the gold was replaced with blue. Today the logo is made in dark green. Probably out of respect for the brand’s rich history.

What font is the Jeep logo?

The company’s name at the logo is written in Helvetica Bold font.

Willys Jeep logo

Willys Jeep Logo

The logo of American army off-road vehicle produced at the time of Second World War has a circle in which the letter W is inscribed, slightly beyond its frame. Sometimes there is the word „Willis” written in Stencil font.

Jeep Wrangler logo

Jeep Wrangler Logo

Wrangle trucks have the name Wrangle written in the Tipemite font as a logo.

The Legends

Willys Quad

The car was built in just … 49 days! To this day, it is one of the most popular vehicles of World War II.

Jeep Cherokee

The Jeep Cherokee is a medium-sized SUV that, after minor modifications, was often used on heavier terrain. Its production began in 1974, when the first generation with the designation SJ appeared on the market, which was to be the successor of the Wagoneer model.

Jeep Commander

The car was presented in 2005 and its production started a year later. It was the first Jeep vehicle with 3 rows of seats to carry 7 people.