JAC Motors Logo


JAC Motors Logo

Established on September 30, 1999, JAC (Japan Agency & Consultancy) is an integrated enterprise that produces a full range of vehicles under an independent brand – light, medium, and heavy trucks, minivans, cars, electric vehicles, buses, special chassis, forklifts and other types of equipment, as well as gearboxes for cars, engines, auto parts, auto units.

Meaning and history

JAC Motors Logo history

1997 – 2016

JAC Motors Logo 1997

The logo was a black five-pointed star inside an oval. Bold capital letters in red “JAC” were under the star, and the word “Motors” was below.

2016 – now

JAC Motors Logo

The company logo consists of a circle with a five-pointed star inscribed. The name of the company is under this symbol. ‘Jac’ is in red color and ‘Motors’ is in black. The font used has rounds and smooth lines.

Emblem and symbol

JAC Motors Emblem

In addition to the symbol depicted on the logo, the company often uses another emblem. It has the shape of a black oval with a silver rim, inside which is the company’s abbreviation, also in silver color.