Iveco Logo

Iveco Logo

Iveco is one of the smaller Italian car brands, and also amongst the lesser known. It’s mostly because they don’t create sports cars or other iconic Italian automobiles. They are a truck and van producers. Still, they are not really a small shabby brand – a lot of countries all over the world use their products en masse.

Meaning and History

Iveco (officially – IVECO) is an acronym which means Industrial Vehicles Corporation. Unlike many other Italian brands (which use the family name of the founders), Iveco is a highly artificial name created for the company when it appeared in 1975 following a grand merger of many smaller European truck manufacturers.

1975 – now

Iveco Logo

Iveco logo is a bit boring – it’s simple a big blue writing that says the company name in capital letters. The type, however, isn’t so trivial. The name is written in a set of very smooth and round letters. For instance, the ‘I’ letter is basically just a vertical triangle with rounded angles.

Emblem and Symbol

Iveco Emblem

They don’t really have any other emblem apart from the acronym. Given that they mostly create cars of a very large size, they’re able to put they actual logo the front without sacrificing the readability too badly. This version of their emblem, however, always has a metallic texture and is heavily polished.