Ioniq Logo

Ioniq Logo

Ioniq is a fairly extensive range of electric cars produced by Hyundai. They have an official logo, but it’s rather limited. It’s not an independent brand, but whenever Hyundai wants to signify the high ecological safety of their product, they often release it under the name of Ioniq, so it’s useful to distinguish the emblem

Meaning and History

The first Ioniq car was introduced in 2016. All of the cars in this line are at least partially electric and friendly for environment, and this image was preplanned – the name is literally a combination of ‘ion’ (an electrically-charged particle) and ‘unique’ (meaning ‘never done before).

2016 – now

Ioniq Logo

There are three major versions of the Ioniq – an all-electric, a hybrid and a plug-in hybrid. They wear the Ioniq emblem in a similar fashion – mostly on the back, right beneath the Hyundai symbol. T

The text is written in thin strict letters very much apart off one another. They are mostly metallic-looking, but the brightness may vary – for instance, white cars mostly wear almost black letters.

Emblem and Symbol

Ioniq Emblem

The cars don’t really use the writing that much, and Ioniq doesn’t have any unique images. Hyundai does put it on the back of the cars to make them stand out, but the image only appears on official brand images (recharge stations, saloons with Ioniqs in them, etc.) – mostly in black or very pale sky-blue.