Arash Logo

Arash Logo

Meaning and history

Arash Logo history

The company “Farboud Limited” was established in 1999 by Arash Farboud in Newmarket, Suffolk, England. However, seven years later in 2006 brand changed its name to Arash Motor Company. The brand is specialized in the production of sports cars. Throughout its history company has changed its logo twice. The current logo was established in 2006 as a result of the company’s rebranding.

1999 – 2006

Arash Logo-1999

The original logo of the company was established in 1999 and presented and was an image of a golden eagle on a black background. The emblem has a triangular shape and a thick gold border surrounds the badge. The name of the brand is located above the image of a diving eagle and also has a golden color.

2006 – present

Arash Logo

In 2006 company the logo undergoes several changes, although its essence remained the same. Nowadays badge has a shape of an inverted trapezoid. Both the eagle and the brand name became more golden than yellow. However, all other parts remained the same.

Emblem and Symbol

Arash Emblem

The emblem itself looks very aesthetically pleasing and stylish. The eagle creates the impression of power and confidence. It is known that the Golden eagle can reach speeds of up to 320 km / h in flight, so the designers chose the image of this animal to highlight the highspeed of its vehicles.