Spanish Car Brands

Spanish Car Brands

Most car brands in Spain aren’t too famous outside of their home country, and they are, therefore, mostly focused on selling in Spain. The car industry in this part of the world is fairly old, dating as far as late 19th century. Regardless, there aren’t too many automotive Spanish manufacturers right now, nor were there a lot of them in the past. Spanish car industry is relatively undeveloped and unexplored.


Logo Seat

Founded: May 9, 1950
Founder: Instituto Nacional de Industria
Headquarters: Municipality of Martorell, Spain
Parent organization: Volkswagen Group

SEAT is by far the most successful Spanish car manufacturer in history. They’ve been established by the Franco’s government after the war, and their car enterprise dominated the peninsula ever since. Most modern Spanish cars were produced or developed by SEAT. In 1986, the company was acquired by Volkswagen.


Logo Tauro

Founded: 2010
Founder: Several Spanish and British businessmen
Headquarters: Valladolid, Spain
Owner: Pedro J Santos

Tauro (a combination of ‘toro’ + ‘taurus’, means bull either way) is a producer of high-performance luxury cars. This company was started in 2010, and they’ve so far created four V8 cars using the American parts and some British technology. These cars have been fairly successful and known to be of high quality.


Logo Santana

Founded: 1956
Defunct: 2011
Headquarters: Linares, Spain
Successor: Santana Motor, S.A., en Liquidación

Santana has formerly been a very large company with an international focus, one of the few companies of such caliber Spain ever had. Like SEAT, they appeared in 1956 and are responsible for many SUVs, as well as compact and super-compact cars. You can still find these cars all over Spain, but they unfortunately went bankrupt in 2011.

Minor brands

There aren’t too many big automotive brands in Spain, but there are quite a few smaller manufacturers as well as now-dead brands.

Spania GTA

Logo Spania GTA

Founded: 2010
Founder: Domingo Ochoa
Headquarters: Valencia, Spain
Parent: GTA Motor Competición

Spania GTA is a fairly successful F1 racing team. One of their side projects was the building of a powerful Spain-produced sports car fir for trek. In 2010, they came up with Spano, which turned out to be very effective on trek, but not too popular.


Logo Hurtan

Founded: 1991
Founder: Juan Hurtado González
Headquarters: Santa Fe, Spain
Owner: Juan Hurtado González

Hurtan is a modern producer of retro cars from Granada, and they’ve been at it since 1991. They have released seven models so far, each has been surprisingly successful for such a niche product. The cars include sports and luxury models.


Logo Aspid

Founded: 2003
Founder: Ignacio Fernández Rodríguez
Headquarters: Reus, Catalonia, Spain
Owner: Ignacio Fernandez

Aspid is working on open-wheel cars (like the racing F1 models) fit for general usage since their birth in 2003. They’ve currently created two cars: a 2009 IFR and a 2013 Invictus – both look like F1 cars and have very powerful engines.


Logo Hispano-Suiza

Founded: June 14, 1904
Ceased operations: 1936
Founder: Marc Birkigt
Headquarters: Barcelona, Spain
Parent organization: Safran

HS is one of the oldest car brands in Spain, with the rich history that starts back in 1904. Before the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) they mostly made luxury cars. Afterwards, they switched to aircraft, although in 2019 the brand decided to give cars another shot.


Logo Tramontana

Founded: ~2005
Founder: Atelier Tramontana
Headquarters: Barcelona, Spain

Tramontana is just one car produced by the company with the same name in 2007. It’s an expensive F1-style model. It doesn’t look significant, but the car is an important milestone for the car industry in this country – it’s reanimating.


Logo Abadal

Founded: 1912-1923